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Heating 4,00 (0,80-6,70) kW, el.  0,90 (0,18-1,51) kW. The Seasonal Coefficient of Performance in heating SCOP 4,81 Average heating season and SCOP 3,8 Colder heating season.
Cooling 3,50 (0,70-4,40)) kW, el. 0,92 (0,18-1,16) kW. The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio in cooling SEER 7,2.

Air to air heat pump Daikin Comfora FTXTP35K/RXTP35N. Guaranteed heating operation down to -25°C.

Optimized for heating. Designed for colder climates!

Heating power at various outside temperatures

Outside temperature -7 °C -10 °C -15° C -20 °C -25 °C
Heating power 5,0 kW 4,5 kW

4,2 kW

3,4 kW 3,1 kW
PDFOwner's Manual FTXTP-K  
PDFCatalogue "Optimised for heating"  

Online controller BRP069B45 (optional): control your indoor from any location with an app, via your local network or internet.

Titanium apatite photocatalytic air purification filter removes airborne microscopic particles, powerfully decomposes odours and helps to prevent the propagation of bacteria, viruses, microbes to ensure a steady supply of clean air

Excellent air flow and air distribution

Night set mode saves energy by preventing overcooling or overheating during night time

Guaranteed heating capacity at low ambient temperature, down to -25°C

Thanks to the unique free hanging coil technology, the defrost cycle is improved, resulting in lower running costs and no ice buildup

Energy Class A++ Average heating season A Colder heating season
Capacity Cooling, kW 3,50 (0,70-4,40)
Capacity Heating, kW 4,00 (0,80-6,70)
Power consumption Cooling, kW 0,92 (0,18-1,16)
Power consumption Heating, kW 0,90 (0,18-1,51)
Energy Efficiency Cooling (+35 °C) EER 3,80
The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio in cooling SEER 7,2
Energy Efficiency Heating (+7 °C) COP 4,44
The Seasonal Coefficient of Performance in heating SCOP 4,81 Average heating season 3,80 Colder heating season
Cooled area, m² 35
Heated area, m² up to 100
Air circulation, m³/h 312/378/450/512/642/750
Low Ambient Cooling, °C -10 ~ +46
Low Ambient Heating, °C -25 ~ +18
General Feature
Noise Level Indoor, dB(A) 21/26/31/35/39/43 Heating
Noise Level Outdoor, dB(A) 49
Cooling. Indoor temperature setting range, °C 18-32
Heating. Indoor temperature setting range, °C 10-30
Autorestart +
Timer +
Wireless remote Control +
Compressor Inverter
Refrigerant R32 (1,100 kg) >10m +0,02kg/m
Outdoor unit frost protection +
Dimensions and weight
Dimensions indoor WxHxD, mm 770x285x225
Dimensions outdoor WxHxD, mm 763x550x303
Weight indoor, kg 9
Weight outdoor, kg 38
Мounting Info
Power Source, V/Hz/f 230/50/1
Electrical connections to outdoor unit
Power cable 3x1,5
Signal cable 4x1,5
Rated current Cooling, A 3,8
Rated current Heating, A 2,7
Maximum current, A 6,5
Refrigerant pipe connections, ″ 1/4 - 3/8
Min. piping distance, m 1,5
Max. piping distance horizontal, m 20
Max. piping distance vertical, m 15
Warranty for devices, months 24
Installation warranty, months 24

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Air to air heat pump Daikin Comfora FTXTP35K/RXTP35N

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