Daikin Europe N.V. (DENV) Catalogue - is a fully owned subsidiary of Daikin Industries Limited www.daikin.com, a multinational corporation listed on the Japanese stock market, and leading global manufacturer and supplier of HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) equipment, including heat pump and refrigeration solutions. The company provides innovative, premium quality indoor climate management solutions to meet the changing needs of our residential, commercial and industrial customers.

Daikin Europe N.V. is Daikin’s sales, development and manufacturing headquarters for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The Daikin Europe Group currently includes a headquarters, 5 production facilities, 17 affiliated companies, 5 sales offices and a whole network of independent distributors and sales contacts in the EMEA region.


Daikin is renowned for our pioneering approach to product development and the unrivalled quality and versatility of our integrated solutions. From the efficiency of our compressors and inverter technology, to our latest advances in refrigerants and product design for seasonal efficiency, Daikin is at the very forefront of energy efficiency and innovation.

Compressors manufactured direct by Daikin

Unlike many other air conditioning manufacturers, Daikin manufactures its own compressors, amongst others, from its factories in the Czech Republic and Italy (McQuay). This is important because the compressor is the very heart of the air conditioning system, increasing the pressure and temperature of the refrigerant vapour, effectively concentrating the heat as it passes around the system.

Daikin has always been at the forefront of developing compressor technology and now offers a comprehensive range of swing, scroll and single-screw compressors. As a result, inverter compressor control is applied throughout our product range, delivering enhanced comfort and system efficiency.


How heat pumps work

Heat pumps are integral to an air conditioning system, transferring heat from one environment to another via a refrigerant. Heat pumps also offer a cost-effective heating solution - and air source heat pumps are recognised as a renewable heat technology.

In cooling mode, heat pumps work by transferring the heat from a room or internal space to the outside air, thus cooling the inside area. In reverse, heat pumps can extract latent heat from the outside air (even when the temperature outside is down to -20°C) and pump it inside to heat indoor spaces.

Efficiency of a heat pump

Heat pumps are around 300% efficient. This means that for every unit of energy used by the heat pump in operation, three or more units of heat are generated for use in a building.

As heat pumps work by extracting available heat from the outside air, they are far more efficient than even the most efficient fossil-fuel based heating systems. Heat pumps featuring Daikin’s inverter technology are particularly efficient for all kinds of indoor heating.

Using an integrated heat pump solution to both cool and heat a building can also mean a lower initial investment, as well as simpler operation and maintenance procedures.

Heat pumps for homes

Daikin has applied its heat pump expertise to create the Daikin Altherma range of domestic heating solutions. High temperature and low temperature options are available to suit all kinds of properties - new and old, large and small. Now Daikin Altherma Flex Type offers a unique new heat pump solution for apartment buildings and collective housing.

Heat pumps for commerce and industry

Daikin’s commercial heat pump products include Daikin multis, VRVs and chillers, which offer highly efficient heating as well as cooling. Within industrial settings, heat pumps also deliver unparalleled process efficiency to meet the most exacting industrial heating and cooling requirements.

Inverter control optimises efficiency

Daikin’s inverter technology is a true innovation in the field of climate control. The principle is simple: inverters adjust the power used to suit the actual requirement - no more, no less! This technology provides you with two clear benefits:

Comfort: The inverter repays its investment many times over by improving comfort. An air conditioning system with an inverter continuously adjusts its cooling and heating output to suit the temperature in the room, thus improving comfort levels. The inverter reduces system start-up time, so the required room temperature is reached more quickly. As soon as the correct temperature is reached, the inverter ensures that it is constantly maintained.

Energy efficient: Because an inverter monitors and adjusts the ambient temperature whenever needed, energy consumption drops by 30% compared with a traditional on/off system.

Seasonally efficient product design

Daikin is leading the industry shift towards ‘seasonal efficiency’, a new way of rating heating and cooling products based on their energy efficiency over an entire year.

Seasonal efficiency is driven by the EU’s Energy Related Products Directive (the so-called Eco-design Directive) which specifies the minimum Eco-design requirements that manufacturers must integrate into their energy-using products by 2013.

Daikin Europe N.V. is the first air conditioning manufacturer which, since 2010, has already integrated the stricter Eco-Design guidelines into its Sky Air ranges for light commercial applications.

Day-to-day efficiency over the entire year

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) value in cooling and the Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP) value in heating both reflect a heat pump’s true energy consumption.

SEER and SCOP measure annual energy consumption and efficiency in typical day-to-day use. In the longer term, they take into account temperature fluctuations and standby periods to give a clear and reliable indication of the typical energy efficiency over an entire heating or cooling season.

Committed to seasonal efficiency

Daikin products designed for seasonal efficiency are more energy efficient and therefore emit fewer CO2 emissions. Seasonal efficiency calculations give consumers a reliable performance rating they can easily understand when buying a heating or cooling device. The new Seasonal Efficiency energy labeling indicates the energy efficiency of the product from A+, A, B etc. It also states the sound emissions of the unit.